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Disaster Cleanup and Restoration Company in Tallahassee Florida

Have you experienced the consequences of a water damage catastrophe in Quincy, Monticello, Tallahassee, or Leon County? Kindly reach out to Service Pros without delay, as we extend round-the-clock emergency services. Our dedicated assembly of disaster remediation experts diligently endeavors to reinstate residential and commercial structures afflicted by unforeseen water or fire adversities. As a community-rooted restoration establishment headquartered in Florida, you can repose your trust in our adeptness to promptly reinstate and reconstruct your property irrespective of the nature of the catastrophe. Our primary objective revolves around facilitating an uncomplicated procedure, as we proactively engage with your insurance provider from inception to culmination.

Call Our 24 Hour Hotline (850) 659-7300, We Service all of Leon County.

Services Pros of Tallahassee MI

For more than ten years, the highly adept team at Services Pros of Tallahassee has conscientiously attended to the needs of property proprietors throughout the state of Florida. Our profound acumen in disaster recuperation spans a comprehensive spectrum, encompassing instances of both minor and extensive water damage. With unwavering dedication, our locally-based restoration contingent in the Tallahassee region has provided invaluable assistance to a multitude of residential and commercial entities grappling with water-related predicaments. Employing cutting-edge technological advancements, we expeditiously eliminate surplus water and initiate the meticulous property desiccation procedure.

You’ve probably seen our trucks in neighborhoods throughout Tallahassee (Killearn Estates, Betton Hills, Summerbrook, Levy Park, Piney Z), we are on call 24/7 to handle any size property disaster.

Tallahassee’s Go-To Solution for Flood Cleanup, Sewer Backups, and Water Damage from Burst Pipes

In the eventuality that your residence or commercial establishment becomes susceptible to impairment resulting from water, fire, mold, or storm-related incidents, it is our solemn pledge that Service Pros remains poised to extend its support. Our adeptness in revitalizing properties subjected to severe devastation finds its roots in a substantial trajectory of experience spanning numerous years. The accomplished assemblage of Service Pros professionals is specially trained to execute a meticulous and expeditious property restoration regimen. Spare yourself the intricacies of personally overseeing the remedial efforts; allow us to promptly deploy a resolute and industrious team, primed to initiate the restoration proceedings forthwith!

A Trusted Name in Florida for Disaster Recovery

The peril of water damage manifests as a profoundly capricious and deleterious menace to your real estate, spanning a gamut from inconsequential seepages to grievous inundations. Nevertheless, Service Pros lays claim to a wealth of proficiency and cutting-edge instrumentation, poised to effectuate the rejuvenation of your premises. Our adept personnel, characterized by their meticulous training, stand fully equipped to confront the distinctive intricacies engendered by diverse property profiles. Through the agency of Service Pros, you can confidently anticipate the complete reinstatement of your water-impacted property to its pristine state, all orchestrated at an unparalleled level of equitable remuneration.

Your Local Tallahassee and Leon County Restoration Company for Black Mold, Hoarding, Trauma Cleaning, and More – Call (850) 659-7300

The outbreak of fires, marked by their lethal and catastrophic nature, possesses an inherent propensity to arise capriciously within residential or commercial domains. In the aftermath of such conflagrations, the immediate recourse to be undertaken is the establishment of contact with Service Pros. Our seasoned assemblage of professionals, in conjunction with state-of-the-art apparatus, stands primed to effectuate the comprehensive reinstatement of your fire-ravaged property to its antecedent state. Moreover, our spectrum of offerings encompasses ancillary services, inclusive of the eradication of smoke odors, ensuring not only the visual aspect but also the olfactory and tactile facets of your property resonate as if the fire had never transpired.

The inclemency of storms can impart unforeseen impairment to your property, irrespective of the extent of precautionary measures taken. This compelling rationale underscores the unwavering commitment of Service Pros to the expeditious restoration of properties marred by the impact of tempestuous elements. Our adept team, meticulously trained and adequately resourced, stands poised to resuscitate properties of any dimension. Place your trust in Service Pros to orchestrate the reversion of your property to its pre-storm state, a feat accomplished with a judicious allocation of resources to ensure a fiscally judicious outcome.

Emergency Property Repairs – Fire, Flood & Water Damage

The infiltration of black mold has the potential to permeate your property in a remarkably short span of 48-72 hours subsequent to the occurrence of a water leak. Should you entertain suspicions of such leakage, the advisability of prompt action is imperative—kindly reach out to Service Pros without delay. Our team will promptly undertake an on-site evaluation of the situation. In the eventuality of mold manifestation, it is noteworthy that our Service Pros contingent is not only proficiently trained to eradicate the mold infestation but also to rigorously sanitize the affected locale, thereby preemptively deterring any future escalation of mold growth.

property restoration in FloridaIn the event that you are contemplating the engagement of a restoration enterprise to facilitate the recovery of your property, I earnestly urge you to summon the services of Tallahassee Services Pros. Our unwavering commitment is attested by our readiness to respond to your call at any hour of the day or night.


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  • Found some mold in our attic due to a bad vent, we were concerned it would cost a fortune to clean up. Fortunately, the team from restoration pros got it safely cleaned up without breaking the bank. THANK YOU ! David Green
  • We had raw sewage in our finished basement. This was an emotionally devastating experience and we had no idea where to start. The team from Tallahassee Disaster was very professional and quickly calmed our nerves and in a few days had our home back to normal. Thank You so much! Jennifer Mobley

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